Sunday, February 24, 2008

Woe Is Me

You know you are sick when you can't even pick up a knitting needle.  And don't even feel like it.  I have spent the last three days in bed with the worse sinus infection I have ever had.  I'm on my forth day of an antibiotic and still don't feel well.  At least I can finally breathe!!  
I so enjoyed our lunch bunch reunion.  Great pictures, Brenda!  Logan did keep me on the run though and think I may have to come on my own next time.  
Before I got sick, I was working on a pattern from Nashua Holiday Book, the Felted Plaid Bag with Flowers.  The reason I was doing this was because I'm afraid to felt my own design bag. Having moved, I still have my trusty top loading washing machine but the water is definitely different (and thought I needed a trial felt). We have about 5 minutes of hot water.  So it is set at 180 degrees so we have enough water to take showers.  When I usually felt, I turn the cold water off.  But at 180 degrees, will this be too hot?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Will write more when I am feeling better!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

That's terrible Janet!
Don't know what to tell you with the felting. I do think it is a good idea to try something, do you have any old sweaters?
Hope you feel better.