Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer time and the living is easy?

School has been out since June 9th and I am finally getting to a post. It seems that my life hasn't really been on summer vacation.
We had our Big Graduation Bash (a week to get ready and a week to get back to normal) and went on a 3 day college orientation. Now, July is just around the corner and I don't know where the time has gone.
My June accomplishments include: getting my Etsy shop (see link on side of blog) up and running, (I did not realize how much there is to getting a shop ready)had lunch with the lunch bunch (missed them so much), made a pair of baby socks from the book - 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. (I really like the technique after you get passed the first 1/2 inch. I have started one of the patterns in the book, Coquette.)
and I learned how to use the mosaic maker:

And... Janet and I registered for Stitches East 2008. We are so excited! We signed up for 3 classes and the fashion show! It is such a good time.

A new week ahead - hope to get something accomplished.

Nani Pua

Nani pua, the Hawaiian words for beautiful flower.  Once again, teaching at Country Quiltworks was so rewarding and SO MUCH FUN!!.  I love quilters!  (I love knitters too!)  We spent the day laughing and telling stories and of course learning the method of making a Hawaiian Quilt. Here, everyone is diligently working on tracing the pattern onto the foreground fabric.  So serious...

I was amazed by the beautiful color combinations everyone chose.  The finished squares will be fabulous:-) Take a look.....
Lorraine and Gail chose Breadfruit:

Mary Joe and Debbie both made the Pineapple pattern:

Laura worked on the Hoya:

and last but certainly not least, Beth chose the Calla Lily:

I was so happy to see Debbie return.  She had also joined me for Grandmothers Handkerchief.
My sister Laura drove 2 hours from New Jersey to take the class.  I was so happy to have her there.  Luckily I had neglected to tell her it was an intermediate class or she may not have come. She made me proud by keeping up with the experts:-) 
Now I must concentrate on finishing the Baltimore Album quilt for the class I hope to teach in the Fall....:-)  

Friday, June 20, 2008

Butterflies All Around

Last night I taught my first quilt class at Country Quiltworks.  I had so much fun!  The women were great.  I had a full class of ten and everyone finished their butterfly square and were so happy and excited with the results. Well almost everyone..Alice was one antenna short of finishing.  What a trooper.  She has only been quilting for a year and was determined to do a good job.  She came to the class with Mary and Isabell.                 
Debbie, who I met in Philadelphia when Brenda and I went to see the Yarn Harlot was there.  I was so happy to see a familiar face!  My nerves disappeared as soon as I saw her!  Her Christmas butterfly was beautiful.
Scottie was FAST!  Last to get there.  First to finish.  First to leave.
Mary Beth..the quiet one. A girl after my own heart..brought her ott light!:-)
Joan was a plethora of information on thrift shops!!  I can't wait to check them out.  My sister Judy will be so pleased when she comes to visit me and I can take her to some great thrift shops:-)

Friends Joanne and Marcy came to class together.  Joanne had a fabulous hanky covered in violets. (My favorite flower!)
And last but not least..Sharleen, who signed up for the class the day before and was so happy she came.  I was happy too.  She was a great entertainer:-)
I can't wait for next Saturday.  I will be teaching Hawaiian Quilting!  If you live near Country Quiltworks, come and join us.  It will be great fun!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My New Favorite Place

I've been spending a lot of time on Ravelry. I love it!  I have finally figured everything out and I've gotta''s cool!!  I joined some groups;  Lace, Victorian Lace Today, Yarn Harlot Fans, and North and West of Philly. This last group meets at Panera Bread in Montgomeryville every Thursday. I can't wait until I have a Thursday evening free to meet everyone.  This Thursday I will be teaching my Grandmother's Handkerchief Quilt at the County Quiltworks. I'm so excited to meet the women who will be taking the class. 
I have posted the lace items I have recently finished on Ravelry.  There's the Wedding Shawl 2: The pattern is actually called Icarus from Interweave Knits Summer 2006 Issue.

My First Gossamer Shawl:

And a  Valence I made for Rachael's room.  The valence I modified from a scarf pattern in Victorian Lace Today.  I love how it turned out.  Rachael was happy to see it hanging in her room when she came home from college on Friday:-)  
I've also been working on The Bed Jacket from Romantic Style and The Adamas Shawl, a free pattern from  Pictures of these projects will come later.  It's taking forever to download pictures tonight.  Later....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduation #2!

My life is one big graduation!
Not really, it just seems like it.
This is the busiest time of year if you work in education. There are always so many things to do and this year has been even more stressful with the addition of many events going on at home.
Needless to say there is a lack of any creating, just sock knitting at events:

Pops Concert...

Baccalaureate, Awards Assembly, Graduation....

Happy/Proud family!

One more to go...the graduation bash. It is no longer a party, it is a bash!
We have combined the celebration of high school graduation (Abbie) and college graduation (Katie) into 1 big event.
Maybe then, I can put some of my creative juices into action.