Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Year, Another Birthday Celebration

Another birthday celebration with lots of good eats. At work, we always look forward to good birthday food. This time Tuzzi's Pizza (thanks Sue), fruit salad (thanks Penny) and desserts by Janet. (thanks Janet) Doesn't it just make your mouth water and your tummy grumble?

I have discovered a great new blog that is full of inspirations. How About Orange, be sure to check it out. She had this cool PictoBrowser Builder link, so here is my pictobrowser:

Isn't that the coolest little gadget? And a great blog, lots of links, love it!
Hoping to finish up some more pincushions for March 15th craft fair at Williamsport High School. If you live near by, be sure to stop in. Janet has some original knit designs, she's so talented! Think "little girl dresses"!

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