Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let the Closing Ceremony Begin


It was close. This is what it looked like during the overtime USA vs CANADA hockey game. (Congratulations Canada, it was a GREAT game!!)

And now with only 34 minutes before the closing ceremony....GOLD:-)

I am so happy:-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

False Start and Logan

Okay, so my first Olympic weekend was not very productive. Friday night I was off to a good start until I started the pattern on row 17 and realized I had miss read 158 for 153. A 3 can look like an 8, right!?!?! Anyway, at 10PM I started over. Saturday morning, Tim and I drove to Bloomsburg. I did knit in the car. Had a hair appointment with Corinna, picked up Logan:-), drove to Lewisburg to wish Grammy Fetter (Tim's mom) Happy 86th Birthday. Drove back to Hatfield, didn't knit (kept Logan entertained) and arrived home around 7PM. The rest of the weekend was all Logan. Sledding with Logan,

building towers with Logan,

looking at pictures of Logan, etc...

Met Taylor in the Pocono's to send Logan home at 1Pm today.

Have knit since about 3PM.

Looking forward to knitting through the Olympics tonight. Pairs skating:-)!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Let 'the Games' begin!!

All day I have been going back and forth, should I attempt the CENTRAL PARK COAT from DOUBLE KNITTING, Reversible two-color designs by M'Lou Baber or actually ENJOY the Olympic Games while still challenging myself by knitting the Crown Prince Square Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush? This is a shawl I made for my sister Laura for Christmas, during the summer when I wasn't working or taking a 3 credit class, all of which I will have to do during the next 17 days!?! Well at 7:41PM I decided to knit the shawl for myself. So at 8PM, even though the Opening Ceremony seems to be late, I cast on, for the KITTING OLYMPICS so wonderfully spear headed by the Yarn Harlot. (Brenda and Tammi, I hope you are on board too!)

I'm going to try to update my progress and encourage others to join in.
PS, Don't you just love Bob Costas:-)