Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunch Bunch Reunited + 1!

We finally got together to celebrate Penny's birthday. We don't look happy but, we really are - trust me! We had bagel sandwiches (thanks Janet) and homemade chocolate layer cake made lovingly by Sharon. Thank you so much, it was very yummy.

Over the years, we have had the best time during our lunches. The rousing conversations and laughs have re-energized us and got us through the afternoons.

We had a little visitor that kept "Grammy" on her toes. Check out the adorable hand knit sweater made by Janet. The color is perfect, it brings out the blue in his great big peepers.

We had a wonderful time and did not want it to end.
It was so sad to have Janet leave. Everybody misses her mucho mucho.

We had a long weekend thanks to the snow. I've been trying to organize my craft room, what a job.
Making some things for March 15th and I have been working on the cabled shrug that I started so long ago. Remember this Janet? Janet finished her cabled shrug in a weekend! Did I ever mention the speed at which Janet knits? She is unbelievably fast and also skilled. She does it fast and well. She totally amazes us.

Check out this picture of Nicky Epstein with a woman who enlarged her bag pattern. Look familiar? I found it on Ravelry.

Oscars tonight! Oh Jon, Jon, Jon how I love thee! I would watch it just for you. He is so adorable.

Hope to see something from you soon dear partner. Enjoy the Oscars!

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