Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boo Hoo!!

Well the weather has not cooperated. I'm so disappointed I was not  able to go 'home' to visit my lunch bunch and celebrate Penny's birthday! Happy Birthday, Penny!!! I didn't get to see my Logan, my light, my joy! Instead, I was home with no power all day. I had scheduled the electrician to come specifically yesterday because I wouldn't be here!? In addition, Tim was home with the flu!? Now, I think I might be getting it too!!! Hopefully we can plan another day next week to get together and all will be right with the world:-)
In the meantime, I finished knitting my 'new' bag and hope to felt it before we get together. We have power again. Tim has gone off to work and I have the day to start something new!
PS My sister Becky became a Grammy this morning!

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Brenda said...

Hey partner! This weather sucks and no electricity would suck worse - you win! (+husband+flu) The link to Logan says the picture is deleted. We have another day off, hope to get some pictures on the blog.