Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The 'Perfect' Family Vacation

When Tim said 'let's go to the beach for a week with all the kids,' I thought he had lost his mind! However, I must admit it was one of the best vacations we have had in a long time.  Taylor, Kristie and Logan came for the first part of the week and then had to go home to close on their new home.  Logan LOVED the beach and Nana and Pop Pop loved having him there.
Rachael and her boyfriend Eric were there for the whole week and had a great time playing with Logan.  Kristie and Taylor enjoyed some 'alone' time getting a bit of a belated honeymooning in while we watched Logan.  
We ate at all of our favorite restaurants in OC MD.

Ate lots and lots of blue crab! (I wish I had moved that blasted paper towel holder!)
After Logan, Kristie, and Taylor left, Tim, Rachael and Eric spent a lot of time in the ocean while I sat under my umbrella and knit, and knit, and knit.  I caught up on my ipod listening (Knit Picks with Kelly) and dreamed of new projects to start when I get home.  It was so relaxing!  
On Friday, something strange occured.  There were thousands of grasshoppers in the ocean and on the beach!!  We googled the event and supposedly they blew in from Bermuda (or so they say).  No one had ever heard about that happening before.  We have been going to OC for years and years and never seen anything like it.  Still and all, they didn't prevent us from enjoying our last day on the beach:-)
I can't wait for next summer!!!!!!

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Brenda said...

Janet! Janet! Janet!
"perfect"? I want to be you!