Sunday, July 20, 2008

1976 - 2008

For the past 31 years, we have been getting together once a year to catch up, eat, and reminisce the "good old days". We all met in our freshman year at Lock Haven State College (that's what it was called in 1972) and have remained very good friends ever snce. Our friendship is a treasure that we cherish. The reunions started out childless, survived pregnancies, endured toddlers and teenagers and now we are childless again. We have come full circle and don't look too bad.(You can judge for yourself) This year we were in the Garden State and our hosts were Kathy and Wayne. They were very calm and collected despite the fact that their oldest child (Matt) is getting married July 26th. (That is 1 week away!) We had a wonderful time and ate lots of good food. The only low point of this year's reunion is that Karla did not make it. She somehow got the days mixed up, so we were not a complete group. She was missed.
Roll the pictures!

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