Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Feeling the Love

Janet and I went to the Williamsport Craft Fair yesterday and it was a depressing and demoralizing day. It was not well attended and those that did attend were not interested in any of our creations. Aside from one small sale to an unknown customer, the only sale we had was to a friend that stopped by. (Thanks Sharon!) The good news... Janet and I got to catch up on events. We enjoyed the time we had together and we did accomplish some knitting. Note to self: focus on the positive side!

Saturday was the final performance of the Warrior Run musical, Beauty and the Beast. For my senior daughter, Abbie, it was a very sad moment. Her last time on stage with her friends, her last musical, her last.... It was a bittersweet moment for her parents as well. Another milestone toward our baby's graduation and her eventual leaving of the nest.

We were very proud parents, Abbie was a shining star on stage. There seemed to be a beam of light radiating from her face, don't you agree? She played one of the "silly girls". They all really played it well, aren't they gorgeous? I don't know how Gaston could resist them!

Another Sunday, another end to a weekend - now that's a sad moment! Now now, let's be positive!

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kparise401 said...

Hi, Brenda, just wanted to let you know that I received your email message and just checked your blog. Congratulations on your new business venture! Do you have any pictures of individual items that you have for sale?