Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's New?

Several people have asked 'What are you working on?" Well......

I've been a little obsessed with knitting for my future grand-daughter. I was working at Yarnings today and had some down time to take some pictures of my completed items. First, the Matinee Coat from Debbie Bliss.
I had a little bit of time to knit as well so made one bootie to match. The ballet pumps from Sublime.

Next is a simple garter stitch 'side to side' sweater. It's a free download by DROPS design. I used Tofutsies sock yarn. I bought the cute butterfly buttons at Yarnings today.
I am currently working on the Sunday Brunch Jacket. The jacket and hat pictured is actually the set I made for my grand niece Claire.

The hat and 'mary jane' are new. I hope to finish the jacket and other shoe this weekend. I still need to find buttons. Yarnings didn't have what I was looking for:-(
Next week I'll start Logan's Christmas sweater and continue to work on my sister Susan's Christmas present:-)


Brenda said...

You are seriously amazing! Love baby girl things.

Debra said...