Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our House for the Holidays

A lot of activity for the holidays at our house...
Mike and I are having our 32 wedding anniversary. "Didn't know you guys got married on Thanksgiving?" I will not reveal the speaker(s) of that quote in order to protect the future of the speakers.
We also had one less loved one in attendance.

Abbie decided to stay in Pittsburgh to attend the big game(Pitt won the backyard brawl!) on Friday; we missed her very much. She had turkey at a good friend's house. Thanks Jessie's family.

Katie and Billy are home.

The 99th Diamond Run on Thanksgiving Day.

We saw lots of old friends.

Some of us did a little early celebrating...

Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's and enjoying the time catching up on family.

Friday - hunting for the 2008 Christmas tree.

It's a "tall and skinny" year! Yes! My year!

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