Friday, June 20, 2008

Butterflies All Around

Last night I taught my first quilt class at Country Quiltworks.  I had so much fun!  The women were great.  I had a full class of ten and everyone finished their butterfly square and were so happy and excited with the results. Well almost everyone..Alice was one antenna short of finishing.  What a trooper.  She has only been quilting for a year and was determined to do a good job.  She came to the class with Mary and Isabell.                 
Debbie, who I met in Philadelphia when Brenda and I went to see the Yarn Harlot was there.  I was so happy to see a familiar face!  My nerves disappeared as soon as I saw her!  Her Christmas butterfly was beautiful.
Scottie was FAST!  Last to get there.  First to finish.  First to leave.
Mary Beth..the quiet one. A girl after my own heart..brought her ott light!:-)
Joan was a plethora of information on thrift shops!!  I can't wait to check them out.  My sister Judy will be so pleased when she comes to visit me and I can take her to some great thrift shops:-)

Friends Joanne and Marcy came to class together.  Joanne had a fabulous hanky covered in violets. (My favorite flower!)
And last but not least..Sharleen, who signed up for the class the day before and was so happy she came.  I was happy too.  She was a great entertainer:-)
I can't wait for next Saturday.  I will be teaching Hawaiian Quilting!  If you live near Country Quiltworks, come and join us.  It will be great fun!!!

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