Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

This is the black squirrel that is roaming our neighborhood.  It is beautiful...for a squirrel.  
The house is coming along.  We have a new roof...

The brick work is being completed today!  I love the new space.  Can't wait until it is done.  
I will be teaching a few quilt classes in June at the local quilt shop Country Quiltworks.  So I have started to work on few pieces in preparation.  Hawaiian Applique...  

Love this method.  Full size Hawaiian quilts are incredible.  We will be making a 19" block.
Another class I will teach is My Grandmother's Handkerchief.  I love this idea.  Taking a treasured handkerchief (the photo is one of my mother's) and turning it into a quilt.  I've made several four block wall hangings for friends and family....
This Fall I plan on teaching a 12 week class on Baltimore Album Quilts using the Elly Sienkiewicz books.  
Lots to do, but excited about it!!

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Brenda said...

That squirrel is amazing! Do you think one of his parents was a cat?!?
His coat is so shiny, good picture by the way. The house is really coming along, keep us posted.
The quilt class sounds like the perfect way to meet people, do they know how lucky they are to have you as a teacher?